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December 3, 2017




Did you know that the number one reason dogs are turned over to shelters is undesirable behavior?   The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund helps owners who can't afford top dollar training, be able to train and keep their dogs.

The fund teams with top dog trainers and behavior consultants to train owners how to handle and manage their dog(s) and their behaviors in a reward-based style.  Owners will fill out an application and be chosen based on training and financial need.

Schrodi Memorial Fund is a 501c3, non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.

How it works: Potential candidates should  Download an application here download one here and email it to

OR contact for an application for training scholarships.


Many ways to help: 

  • Consider a monetary donation.  Checks should be made payable to "Schrodi Training Fund"  Mail to Schrodi Fund PO Box 40178  Austin Tx 78704
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Supporters say: "Lee Mannix worked with us and Ralph for several years and made all the difference in Ralph's life and our relationship with him.  We miss him so much but are happy to contribute toward another lucky dog and their person experiencing the fantastic training."

Friends and Family of "Ralph" Rice,  A Special Boy to many.

The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund mourns the loss of Lee Mannix on May 2, 2010.  The Scholarship Fund is still available to continue Lee's mission to help dogs by working with trainers who were mentored by Lee Mannix.

During the Training Fund's First year...         

    19 Scholarships were awarded to help owners solve behavior problems with 95% of dogs still in their homes!

5 Scholarships were awarded to help owners prevent behavior problems and get started on the right track in training.

3 Scholarships were awarded to Mannix Dog Camps where owners and dogs spend 3 days learning all types of training to take home. 

2016 offered over 70 Scholarships and 3rd annual  ClydeRoseScoutandCindy Scholarship was awarded to Canine Camp!

2015 offered over 100 Scholarships and 2nd annual  ClydeRoseScoutandCindy Scholarship was awarded to Canine Camp

2014 the first ClydeRoseScoutandCindy Scholarship was awarded to Canine Camp 

2014 offered over 120 Scholarships! 

2013 offered over 120 Scholarships! 

 2012 offered 90 Scholarships!

       2011 offered 75 Scholarships!

2010 offered over 80 Scholarships! 

2009 offered over 60 Scholarships! 

Founder, Shari Elkins, CPDT, shares her story...

Schrodi was my first dog as an adult.  From day one, she was my "problem child."  It took me years to find a trainer, such as Lee Mannix, who could truly understand and help in a compassionate way.   If not for Schrodi and her rowdy behavior, I would never have found my own passion for dog training nor would I have the four other wonderful dogs I have now (or for that matter I wouldn't have the man I love).  Schrodi was a profound dog whose name and legacy deserve to be carried on and I feel offering rehabilitation training is a perfect remembrance of the best dog in the world.  Please consider helping other dogs and keep Schrodi's memory alive.  

The first Scholarship Recipient reflects: 

"I have lost count of the number of compliments Ali has received from places and people I was afraid to take her before our training; she now greets visitors with a toy in mouth waiting to be pet instead of her previous barking uproar that instilled fear into many.I will be forever grateful to the Schrodi Fund for giving me a chance to learn how to give back the endless love Ali has given me.  "